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I’ll probably come back and delete this post later, but I need to let this out....

I am so worn out. This new system just requires too much energy for me to give. No matter how many times I try, there are always mistakes that I can’t explain. Like invoices that replicate one invoice item 34 times and then deletes $200 worth of the invoice. But it printed fine the first time...? And poor Annette’s so frustrated with it... and I don’t know why it does it. I’ve worked so hard all morning, and now I’m so tired that I just want to sit here and cry. And I know part of this feeling is because its a green pill day. But still....

Ihate feeling so worn out. My head is so stuffed up that I have a ringing in my ears, and it hurts to even yawn or stretch. But there is so much to do.....

Please don’t feel like you should feel sorry for me - I’m doing enough of that for myself this afternoon. sigh


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kristine - i’m sorry about your situation. i have days like that occasionally. set it aside, get some rest, and tomorrow is another day. you can attack the problem with fresh fervor. sometimes all you need is a break to collect your thoughts.


Thanks, guys. It was just a super bad day.

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