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Morning Notes from Sick-girl

Wow, I’m getting even sicker. Instead of blogging for the last day or so, I’ve been trying to get extra sleep to fight this bug. My head is completely stuffed up, and my body aches. My throat feels awful (and felt work after walking home in the 35-40 degree weather last night). Blah - I hate being sick.

But, I’m up, and getting ready for work, because there’s no way I can’t go. Maybe tomorrow I could miss. If I finish paychecks today. But not today because its an early day for Annette, and I have to be there. Blech!

BUT, I am happy to see that Rina is back at school smile That means she’ll be posting more because she’s on her nice high speed network smile

Gillian is also back and school and did a super-cute redesign of her site smile

And today is Cheryl’s birthday - happy birthday, hon!!!

One more bloggy note - I really like that sugar & spice gave her stortrooper a smile smile I was thinking about doing the same thing with mine, because she didn’t look nearly as happy as I usually am smile

Time to finish getting ready for work. Let’s see if I can stand up long enough to shower!!!!


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