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I just love the Internet Movie Database. Its so handy dandy when you are surfing through channels and SWEAR that you’ve heard that voice or seen that face before. Tonights episode of Cosby (which I never watch, only when flipping for some reason) had an actor on that looked very similar to the reporter on All My Children who has been harrassing Erica and Bianca lately. So I looked him up on the AMC page, and found out that in 1999, Chip Zien played Donald Steele, this obnoxious reporter. So then I tried the Cosby page, which had no mention of any guest stars that matched... so then I visited my TV page and yep, there it is... Chip Zien *giggle*

I know that that was a lot to say about something stupid, but it sure makes me feel accomplished to find out that I was right *g*


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