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links galore!

This is a giant linky post to make up for the last few days lack of time smile

Thanks to {{linkmo http://www.lalablog.com/ Laura|the beautiful laura of lalablog!}} for pointing out where Christie (formerly of Joyride) moved to smile Little Things is BEAUTIFUL!!

{{linkmo http://vanderwoning.com/living/archives/2001_01_07_archive.html#1905628 Kaycee|sending you sunshine!}}, if you need another hand to hold onto, have mine - you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers....

Another beautiful look at {{linkmo http://www.whisperingmist.com/rt/ Recycled Thoughts|I agree with Julia!}} today smile I love the little hearts! (Yes, I’m a heart/love freak, and when I see them, I have to point them out!!)

What a beautiful picture over at {{linkmo http://johndoe.org/milestones/2001_01_01_archive.html#1892030 Allizine|Great name for a blog by a girl named Allison!}} I love {{linkmo http://www.love-productions.com/wedding/recapday.html wedding|here is some of mine}} pics smile

Good luck to {{linkmo http://www.redhairedgirl.com/journal/20010108.html Carrie|Soon to be mommy!}} in finding a nicer place to live!

Alrighty, I have a new design that I started yesterday for my graphics section which is in the process of being redone - so I’m gonna go back to that for a little while before work smile If you need a laugh for today, read the funnies I sent to my Angelquotes list - Angelquotes for 00Jan09 - Have a great day, all of you!


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