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Redesigns, Bloggies, Greymatter, and more

Good morning!

I didn’t get a chance the other day to point out how much I love Belle’s new look! The beautiful colors compliment the white space so nicely; and its very impressive how the same layout of tables is used as the Christmas version but looks so different!!!

I’m not asking for nominations on any level, but this looked like kind of a fun contest - Bloggies

Gina also has a nice new redesign smile Very soft - almost like a warm blanket I could curl up with on the couch smile

And Laura always has the beautiful almost whimsical designs - this one is no different - beautiful soft and neato smile

I *heart* Greymatter, and won’t be switching, but Organizine looks like an interesting option to Blogger. I haven’t read all about it yet, but maybe now that I blog it, I’ll go back and look at it. I still have 2 journals on my site hosted by Blogger because it was simpler than changing for the moment. But one of them (The Kitchen) might benefit from a comment box. And blogvoices seems like more trouble than its worth (clicked to leave a comment on LaLaBlog and the window is still locked up, and that’s not the first time its done that!!)

Patti shared such a sweet post - very neato smile

Yesterday morning, I read some great stuff over on The Cyber Crew’s forums. I really need to get back to my editing on my webpage so then I can join all of these groups that I have in my bookmarks with a big JOIN in front of each of them!!

Work was busy yesterday, and I know today will be even more so. But I have Annette back for a short day today, so that’ll help smile There is just so much to do, and I can only do it so fast... it’ll all get done soon, though. And then it’ll be all happy, and I’ll be able to not stress so much!!

Well, this little short post didn’t end up very little or short *g*


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Thanks for the nice comments Kristine!! smile

Aww, thank you Kristine. I really liked that table set-up because it keeps everything so perfectly centered which is a huge pet peeve of mine. LOL!

Thanks, Kristine! I’m going to ditch Blogger, as soon as I find something I can deal with.

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