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Looking forward...

I took a walk to work this morning, and spend some time reflecting. I was going to think about the year and how things worked out, but I decided that I wanted to look forward. That made perfect sense to me!
Looking forward...
I want this year to be full of laughter.
I want to have more opportunities to tell people things that touch me - and share my thoughts more openly.
I want to give everything I can to my job, but not more than I have to give.
I want to learn more about Eric every day, and not hold things back from him.
I want to develop my relationships with people around me; and not feel sorry for myself when the number of relationships isn’t as high as I wished for.
I want to devote time to keeping my life orderly and neat, allowing myself to grow creatively.
I want to be more healthy; not necessarily stopping what I’m eating, but adding some heathy aspects to my food choices and my (not-so)-active life.

There is never an end to my list, but these are good starting places for for adding to my life smile
I was very inspired by reading lists from several friends . . . Becky’s milestones of the year, Rina’s Resolutions, Gina’s Milestones, Elise’s List, Patti’s Thoughts, and others that I happened upon and didn’t mark smile Thank you for sharing, friends smile


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My very best wishes to you and yours for a Happy New Year 2001!!

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