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The weekend that wasn't...

So this weekend didn’t feel very weekendy, as I figured. It was just too busy to be super relaxing, but at least I got some stuff done smile

Yesterday was Eric’s birthday. He is just so awesome, and we had such fun yesterday just being together even though he helped me clean a lot. We cleaned a whole lot yesterday - did laundry - I wrapped the presents for E’s family - cuddled on the couch - washed the dishes - swept the floor, it was nasty - cleaned the bathroom.... lotsa stuff. We had a little party at Pizza Palace with my siblings and mom - and then came back here for Birthday Cake Ice Cream. (No, not Birthday cake AND ice cream, this ice cream has bits of cake in it LOL!) So if you want to send him a card, send it to Eric smile

Like {{linkmo http://www.inkspill.org/blog/archives/00000072.htm Belle|the super-sweet inkspilly girl}}, I watched The Sound of Music last night. Well, part of it. And it wasn’t nearly the first time I’d seen it - I watched it every year as a little girl, and I know all of the songs! Its crazy, I think I always get to the same spot in the movie before I start yawning uncontrollably, and must go to bed; even though I know the end is SO good!!!

I love {{linkmo http://www.homemadegraphics.com/joyride Christie's|that happy joyride girl}} snowgirl smile She’s adorable!

Two new redesigns with falling snow that are gorgeous - {{linkmo http://puresugar.net/ Pure Sugar|the super sweet Carol of the snowflake card!}} and {{linkmo http://www.lalablog.com/ Lalablog|that adorable nice Laura with the cutie patooty girl Kayley!}} smile And then theres a very classy redesign at Noah’s site - I love the moving menu with it smile

Several pretty sites I found this morning are Simply Moon and Multiple Blogalities smile That reminds me that I need to do some updates to my sidebar early this week smile

Its amazing how much I need to accomplish at work this week. I’ll be praying that its not an impossible task, but when I look at the pile, it seems that way! So I’m going to smile and work as hard as I can today and that’s all I can do smile (trying to start Monday with a POSITIVE attitutude cuz even if I’m the only one who does that, it makes me happier smile


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That movie has got some serious repercussions. I just can’t get "The hills are alive with the sound of music" out of my head!! Agh!! smile

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