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Tweaking my tables...

Well, that was a fun few hours trying to get my tables working again! {{linkmo http://www.lalablog.com Several|Laura}} {{linkmo http://www.smartass.nu/blog/ people|Candi}} {{linkmo http://www.swallowingtacks.com/ have|Elise}} been so kind to let me know that there were problems viewing my page, both in IE and especially in Netscape. I couldn’t find the IE problem, but changed the alt text on the imood meter because I suspect that the problem was just that it wasn’t hitting imood and then using the long alt text and making the left sidbar expand too far. But I’ve tested in Netscape 6, and it looks like I’m viewing closer to IE than I was before... anybody care to test it out for me again? Let me know if the header is looking all distorted, if the text is too small, etc? I’d sure appreciate it smile

The main problem was that when I originally designed this, I used PSP’s option to cut up the graphic and turn it into html. I went back to that original file, and it didn’t view correctly in Netscape even then! So I totally drew out the header (because it used rowspans and colspans and I couldn’t just see it w/o drawing!) and found out the problem and now its at least fixed on this page and I’m gonna work with Eric to possibly use PHP (as Zal suggested in her tutorial) to redo the rest of the pages and that way I won’t have to download and upload ever page on my site when I redo them, like I will now!


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Hmm, I’m using 800*600 (on my laptop there’s no other choice) and I’m getting rotten horizontal scrolls these days. IE 5.0/Win 98. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

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