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Busy Saturday Thoughts :-)

I am SO glad it is Saturday. I have lots to do today, but at least work isn’t one of them smile I need a more relaxing day!

Last night, E’s company party was very interesting smile We were a little late getting there because the directions were kinda screwy and we ended up driving around the building like 4 times trying to find the parking LOL! They had rented out the main level of Portland’s World Trade Center. Then, they transformed it into a piece of New York - they had a singer entertaining us during drinks - way too loud to even barely talk... A cross dressing Liza Minelli that was really obnoxious... Then they had a totally huge taxi/NYC backdrop in the dining room - and a nice buffet smile I got to meet quite a few people that E works with - but the company grows so much that every time they get together, theres tons more. (He was employee # 10 in February; now there are over 100 employees! They said that last Christmas, they all had dinner at one of the founders homes and fit around one table!) Afterwards, they had a dance room with fog, funny lights, and a half naked guy dancing on a stage - hmmmm... We left before that, but just peaked in on our way by *giggle*

Overall, it was fun smile I liked getting dressed up, and my hair turned out so cute - I pulled half of it up on my head and put real curls in it and then pinned most of them down - very cool smile If the pictures that got taken turn out, I’ll show you all smile

So today, I need to make the rest of the cookies for the party tonight - I have sugar cookie dough ready to roll out and cut out and frost and sprinkle. I could be doing that now, but I’m relaxing for a while before starting that process wink Then tonight is my company party - a simple affair at my parents house with only a handful of the employees because some just don’t want to come for one reason or another... kinda sad.

I made the mistake of turning on the TV before putting in the video and it was on VH1! The video for Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters is just one that I can’t turn off. If it comes on even when I’m flipping through the channels and don’t mean to watch MTV/VH1. The video always makes me laugh, and the song is very good for getting stuck in your head - you’d think that’d make me change it fast but its one of those ones I can’t turn off!! Are Evan and Jaron twins? I guess so... Lenny Kravitz’s new song Again is almost as addictive as Fly Away. I love that Tiffani-Amber Thiessan is on Creed’s video smile She’s been one of the people I’ve followed since the beginning of her career. I started getting the Teen Magazine right around the time that she won their Great Model Seach and was on the cover, I think. From there, she went on to be on Saved by the Bell, which I think I’ve seen every episode of. And then 90210, which I also think I’ve seen every episode of LOL!

A big Congrats to Rina for being done with her finals smile Hope you have a *wonderful* time at home, doll smile

Hey Lee, you’ll have to tell us how the special your husband worked on turned out and when it will be seen smile I love both Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis smile

You simply MUST go see Kristin’s paintings. They turned out SO gorgeous. I am super impressed smile

Okay, that’s all for the moment smile I surfed all my pages, got sidetracked on IMDB while finding links for some of the above, watched some soaps, and now I suppose I should see how quiet I can make cookies w/o waking E smile Have a super morning, friends!!


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Evan and Jaron are indeed twins. Aren’t they cute? LOL! I’ve been listening to that CD for a couple of weeks now, I think I’m hooked. Hehe. And did you know that Tiffani Amber Theissen was also in Vertical Horizon’s video, "You’re a God?" That too is another CD taking up permanent residence in my CD player as of late. smile

Oh, goodness, I got the wrong band when I posted that... no wonder I couldn’t find the song on Creed’s webpage LOL! Thanks for the help, dearie! smile

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