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Sign Language

Swallowing Tacks posted a link to info on how American Sign Language is being updated. That’s kinda interesting, but is it too much worrying about political correctness? I don’t know.... I learned sign language when I was 12 or 13. I took several years of sign language through our local community education courses. I learned enough that I could do quite a bit then, but I don’t think I remember a whole lot now. The cool thing was that I was learning while my siblings were really little, and so we’d sign to them, and I think Matthew knew how to sign thank you before he could say it smile I also learned a lot of my spelling words by spelling them out with the sign language alphabet smile I still have to fingerspell "convenience" to spell it right LOL! Anyhow, it probably is valuable to know at least a teeny bit of sign language just in case... ya never know when it might cme in handy.


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found that article on ASL very interesting as well - and had very similar thoughts to yours. sometimes, PC-ness gets taken to extremes, but i do think it’s good to keep moving forward with the times. at any rate, ASL is one of the things i am determined to learn before i die.

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