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Today's schedule: It could possibly

Today’s schedule: It could possibly be as busy as last Saturday!!

Our main goal is to find a Monitor and CD-RW drive for the new computer for me at work. I’d like to find something that’s a good quality but not a huge price like the name brand ones are. I’m using Eric’s ViewSonic 17GS on my desk at home and I really like that. But unfortunately, area stores don’t carry many series of ViewSonics that are high enough quality to not flicker and resize when you minimize and maximize the windows. And that really bothers me! As for a CD-RW, I either will get the HP one that looks good for under 200 or if I can find a cheaper one like the Creative Labs one on sale at Office Depot.

We also need to start pricing and looking at Washer/Dryers, and maybe some other furniture for our new apartment (and go turn in the credit app for that as well smile ).
We are mainly gonna need a nice long couch to match our current love seat (maybe a hid-a-bed?), a diningroom table and chairs, and a TV and VCR and something to set it on for downstairs. We also might want some little pantry closets and shelfs for the garage. Nice big list, huh? <.G> (btw, love the new O'Sullivan site!)

I’d love some new clothes, but I don’t have actual things in my head, so dragging E to the mall would just make him sad, so I’ll probably skip that for now. I kinda really like these velvet drawstring pants and this thermal crewneck and I kinda like this red pea coat, but I don’t know if I’m cute enough for being a pea-coat-kinda-girl!! <.g> This is a really nice Red long sleeved t-shirt smile I like it smile I’d really like a new cute sweater set, but Lerners has nothing I want right now <.sigh>

I did go to Garden Botanika last night with Megan on our way to her Senior Recognition (which went beautifullly!), and treated myself to some new eyeshadow. Its a beautiful green color called Green Tea that I’ve been lusting over since I saw it in the catelog. I have green eyes, and sometimes its nice to be able to add green accents to make them stand out <.g>

By the way, the class of 2001 at Columbia’s motto is "To Infinity, And Beyond!" courtesy of yours truly. I suggested it this summer, because if you think about it, it really does have deeper meanings smile And so all night, everyone used it in their talks at vespers, and Megan kept grinning at me :-> And plus, if you put the 0’s together in the middle of their year, they get the infinity symbol (sideways 8?) They thought that was cool smile

All right, its time to stop blogging for the moment smile These long posts are definately becoming more of a trend for me smile Its lots of fun to ramble smile


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