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Phew! I made it through

Phew! I made it through yesterday smile Now, to make it throught today - I know I have to go to work. . . If I had no other responsibilities, I’d work on my website smile I have the design done, but haven’t found the time to put it all together yet!

We did find a monitor and CD-RW drive, as well as the new Manheim Steamroller Live Christmas Album that Eric found and wanted (he has ever other Christmas Album that they do, I believe smile )... and we picked up a new cordless phone with an answering machine attached. Its the same brand as mine (which desperately needs a new battery), but it will be so nice to not have to use the answering machine that I bought my freshman year of college LOL! Its been a long time since 94 <.g>

We started our furniture looking, and visited a few places in the mall, including a futon store - I totally hadn’t thought of this as an option, but it really ended up being a good idea. Definately something to keep thinking about. We also visited Wickes, but by this time, I was getting tired and my ankle was killing me, so I wasn’t super enthusiastic about anything we got, so we went home and I crashed smile Sat in front of the TV and watched South Park from last week - totally hilarious! I can’t believe how they got such current stuff in it!!! And then Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was on, and so we watched part of that again.... such a odd and funny movie! Watched the beginning of Twister, but I was falling asleep, so I went to bed smile

I woke up in the middle of the night, stressing about money. I don’t know why I’m so worried, we talked about all these furniture purchases and how we don’t need to make them all at once... I guess the reality must have set in for me after we turned in the credit app for the apartment. I need to just let go, and worry about the things that are going on *right now* instead of the ones that are going to happen in a few months smile

So I have a few blogs to visit, some emails I want to make, and a house i should clean before I go to work. smile


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