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I got to go out

I got to go out with some friends last night for my friend Jennifers bridal shower. It was really a lot of fun because I haven’t seen these girls for a long time, and this is the first time I’ve been out with anyone but Eric or my sisters/mom for months and months. It reminds me how much I like having friends. I know that these events couldn’t happen too frequently because Keri is in Everett, and Jennifers moving to Walla Walla, but it sure was fun, and Heidi and Shannon live around here. I wonder if we’ll do anything together again? It was lots of fun to see Heidis house - very inspiring to see a young married couple with a house and stuff smile Its crazy - all these girls graduated from HS the year after me, and they are will be married as of next weekend - some of them for several years!!! Its nice to feel like I have friends sometimes smile


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