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Know what really annoys me?

Know what really annoys me? The fans of the TV show Remember WENN.

WENN was a wonderful show. It had drama, it had comedy, it had irony, realistic characters, and fun and exciting plots. It also got canceled 2 years ago. But all the fans focus on is that it was canceled! They whine, moan, and complain about AMC and Mark Juris taking away their show. They like being miserable. They revel in it. Instead of going over the characters or nuances that pop up with every new viewing, they just whine. I don’t get it.

They talk about how the characters are wellrounded and unstereotypical, but pigeon hole every one of them. Betty is the saint, Scott is the sexy rogue who everyone must love. Well, guess what. Betty’s boring and Scott’s not the only guy on the show. They ignore all of the other rich characters for the "main" three - Scott, Betty, Victor. Who, of course, are a triangle.

Not only that, but they wear rose colored glasses in view of the past and the characters. Biz and I have pretty much become lepers in the community because we realize that the 40s weren’t so different from now. Maple and Scott are certainly no virgins. Jeff and HIlary lived together for years without being married. These people all had sex lives. Suggest that to one of the "main" cliquey fans, though, and they’ll very sweetly and condescendingly tell you that people in the 1940s didn’t have premarital sex. If you disagree with them, they freeze you out, after they use some perverse logic to prove their views.

This has been going on for years, and it just annoys the hell out of me. Tonight, Biz and I struck back - we created a list called WENNrefugees where people can speak freely about this cool show. No talk of AMC or Marc Juris is allowed, and neither is whining. We’re sick of people who are narrow minded and with small views, who bully everyone into thinking the way they do.

That extends to bigger topics than a TV show, of course, but this is what is making me mad tonight. : )


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