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What a happy feeling -

What a happy feeling - my sisters came over yesterday and we had girl bonding time smile I made them come over because I couldn’t put together my wedding invitiations by myself because it would take me 13 years <.g.> We played with their hair and found out that Lisa’s looks BEAUTIFUL defused with curls. And Megan’s looks prostituty when its ironed straight <.g.> We didn’t get to mine yet. The girls spent the night, even though they weren’t sure they would. (Eric was supposed to be in Walla Walla for a friends graduation, but ended up being too sick, so he stayed home). We still have 62 invitations to put together and we have amazing plans for breakfast. But for now, they are sound asleep. Its fun to have them over smile And its even kinda fun to have to sneak around quietly until they wake up - E and I are on our computers and turn periodically to smile at each other smile I have just a nice happy warm feeling inside of me smile


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