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Krissy's monitor looks just like

Krissy’s monitor looks just like mine, but her keyboard and tower are ultra cuter. <.giggle>

OKay, so hey, now to the real reason I’m a-bloggin' today! I figure lots of you guys come to read Kristine’s blogs, and I’m taking advantage of that. <.g> With web-design and moral support from Kristine, I’ve started a new group on eGroups called GilliAngels. This group will do charity/community service projects in honor of Gillian Anderson, who plays Scully on The X-Files. If you’re a fan of hers and like to help people, check us out! Only requirement is doing at least one project a year, which isn’t that bad. Even if you don’t want to join, though, and you like the show, go to the site anyway and check out the links I put in there, 'cause there are some very awesome and fun sites. <.g>


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