TV Season 2022-2023

This has been an interesting year for TV watching.  The streaming services have exploded, and that means there are a lot of releases that aren’t strictly related to the fall tv series timeslots.  Still, there are a few things on network tv or streamers that are launching this fall and I’m pulling together my ideas.

My Trakt profile: kdlb always shows what I’ve been watching – TV and movies – and so if you’d like to keep up with me there, you can.
Last year I did a pretty simple plan too, and it worked out okay. 🙂   kdlb: TV Season 2021-2022
  • La Brea NBC Sept 27 s2 – streaming on Peacock
  • The Resident FOX Sept 20 s6 – streaming on Hulu
  • Chicago Med NBC Sept 21 s8 – streaming on Peacock
  • Chicago Fire NBC Sept 21 s11 – streaming on Peacock
  • Chicago PD NBC Sept 21 s10 – streaming on Peacock
  • Grey’s Anatomy ABC Oct 6 s19 – streaming on ABC app and maybe Hulu
  • Fire Country CBS Oct 7 New! – maybe streaming on Paramount Plus?
A few of the streaming shows that line up with the fall season deserves mention too, and there are a few beyond this which don’t have return dates but should be before the end of the year.
  • She-Hulk Disney Plus Aug 17 New!
  • See AppleTV Plus Aug 26 s3
  • Great British Bake Off Netflix Sept 16, collection 6
  • The Good Fight Paramount Plus Sept 8 s6
  • Manifest Netflix Nov 4 s4
  • Yellowstone Peacock Plus (Paramount Network) Nov 13 s5
I might also try out Walker/Walker Independence (WI is starting new this season), The CW has a couple of other things they are re-airing from other places that I might look at as well, like the Canadian show Family Law and The Professionals. The CW’s app is not my favorite though, so it’s a little harder to be motivated to watch them.
I definitely use a variety of sites to collect my info on what I want to see, but The Futon Critic is a great overview of the tv grid, even though I don’t always watch things as appointment tv right now.

A few of my shows did get canceled after last year, and that’s always a bummer like Legends of Tomorrow (The CW) and Dollface (Hulu).  A few of my short series options from Disney Plus were only a single season so I have no new episodes to look forward to, but luckily they keep making more fun MCU/Star Wars shows.  So I’ve been re-watching shows I loved in the past or watching things on streaming.  All in all, I continue to love TV!


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  1. Sarah says:

    I just watched Fire Country, and I can’t tell how I feel about it yet. I feel like the pilot started strong in the first 5 minutes, but the rest…. meh. I also was distracted because I kept going, “Ahhh you’re from *CW SHOW HERE*” for so many of the actors!

    I’m also torn on this season of The Resident, and I’m hoping it starts some new storylines.

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