TV season 2021-2022

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Here's this year's look at what I want to watch this season :)

Between a wonky season last year due to 2020 pandemic and a lot of my favorite shows ending before that, I didn't pull together a post of tv shows last season.  I watched a lot of familiar things and then utilized some streaming services to watch things I hadn't had access to previously.  I watched things like True Blood, Big Love, Falling Skies, Westworld, and ALL of the seasons of Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med.  You can always see what I'm watching on my Trakt profile, too. :)

So for 2021-2022, I have a pretty minor plan.  I've got streaming services that release things at different times of year and I have a list of potential shows to watch or rewatch as well. So these are just the traditional broadcast network shows.

  • The Resident FOX Sept 21 s5
  • Chicago Med NBC Sept 22 s7
  • Chicago Fire NBC Sept 22 s10
  • Chicago PD NBC Sept 22 s9
  • Grey's Anatomy ABC Sept 30 s18
  • La Brea CBS Sept 28 New
  • Batwoman s3 TheCW oct 13 (must get caught up still before I can watch this)
  • 4400 TheCW Oct 25 New (I loved the original. just curious how they'll do the reboot)
  • Legends of Tomorrow TheCW Oct 13 s7 (although now I realized I have to postpone this until I can find season 6 somewhere to watch!)


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