TV 2009 fall recap

It’s been a few weeks since I made my TV season 2009-2010 post and decided what I wanted to watch this season.  There are several things I cut off before I started watching, and other things that have been great.

  • Monday
    • Dancing with the Stars – it felt a little more like drudgery to make it through the first few episodes because of the sheer quantity.  I hope they don’t keep increasing the cast number each season because it’s just too much.  However, I am still rooting for Melissa Joan Hart, and others like Natalie Coughlin and Louie Vito (both of who I didn’t know at all) were delightful.
    • Castle – just as fun to watch as last season.  It stays on my list!
    • Heroes – I watched the 2 hour premiere without getting excited.  It just didn’t do anything for me, and I cancelled my season pass.  I feel the worst about this because I used to be all jumping and excited for a new episode and it was my favorite for several seasons.
    • House – we finished watching the 5th season on DVD the weekend before the premiere, and it was great to be caught up.  This was what I watched as it was recording on the TiVo, it had me so excited.  The premiere was so different from the other 5 seasons, and so I was a little disappointed in that respect.  The second episode really redeemed it back for me, the visual effects alone really caught my eye, along with the cast being back.
  • Tuesday – Warehouse 13 is over for now (whoa, i can’t wait to see next!).  And I heard bad reviews about The Forgotten and decided not to even put my energy into another show that seemed destined for cancellation.
  • Wednesday – Eastwick seemed interesting, but I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the premiere and finally deleted it.
  • Thursday – haven’t watched Grey’s yet, and The Office is just “eh” still…
    • Flash Forward – by far the most interesting new show to me.  I really enjoyed it, and it’s totally my kind of show.  I was so excited for the second week that I went to turn it on Wednesday and realized I was on the wrong day!
    • Bones – the premiere was interesting.  I’m still glad I’m watching, but I may not be as enthusiastic as I was last season.
    • Private Practice – very interested to see how they resolved the finale, and they really did it in an interesting way.  
  • Friday
    • Dollhouse – super!  I watched Epitaph One right before the premiere of season 2, and that was actually a treat, a weird treat.  The premiere: I loved.  I saved the ep on my TiVo because I’d like to see it again.  My favorite returned show, even though I’m guarded about saying that because it’s fate is pretty shaky.
    • Numb3rs – good.  I think my excitement over Dollhouse may be overshadowing my enjoyment of this, but it’s a good solid show and I love the characters.  No major character changes this season so far, which gives me the continuity between seasons I like.
    • Stargate Universe – interesting.  I think it’s worth at least another week to check it out.
So I certainly cut out things early in the season.  But I may have missed some things that other people are raving about by doing this.  Fringe is one of those that I probably should have stuck by last season because the previews are still quite interesting to me.  There’s always DVDs!  And Hulu, where we are currently watching the second season of Dead Like Me, and I’m watching the old Stargate SG-1 when I need something to knit to in the evenings 🙂


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