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Bazaar: Green Holiday Event

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I enjoy finding new bazaars and craft shows because it's all about finding those perfect local gifts for people.  I saw The Columbian, our local paper, mentioning the Check 'em Off Green Holiday Event at the Marshal Center, and so we stopped in for a look.  The event page is on  My Christmas list really wasn't ready enough to buy things, but I really enjoyed some of the ideas I got.

The featured creators in The Columbian's article was Rock Candy Art, and they had some neato bags and purses made out of reclaimed vinyl or chip bags or gum wrappers - really cool idea.

I felt some super soft t-shirts from WearYourVeggies, I'd love to wrap some babies up in their organic cotton shirts!  From Goldendale, WA.

I really like the idea of Bug Baby designs - they had reusable sandwich and snack bags that closed with velcro.  They were adorable!

The most interesting items to me were from GiftSAC, with their burlap sac bags and purses.  The owner, Chris, chatted with me for a few minutes and we learned we'd both be jurying for another market together in a few days, so that was really a nice connection.  She mentioned how one of her bags was the perfect size for a file folder, and that's exactly the size I need right now for carrying around my lists and comp book.  I think I'm going to get myself one!

I made an Etsy Treasury of the some of the vendors I saw and some other local Vancouver shops: It's a Green Holiday in Vancouver

I'm excited for more craft fairs and bazaars through the holiday season :)
As we are several months in to the current TV season, it felt like a good time for a brief recap. This has kinda been a slow season so far and we've watched more shows on Netflix to fill our evenings.

2 shows on my list were already cancelled: Undercovers, which I had high hopes for but they lost me by the 2nd ep; The Whole Truth, and I hung onto it for more eps than I should have because I enjoyed happy-Rob Morrow.  (for ratings and cancellation info, I read tvbythenumbers and

I really tried to get into No Ordinary Family, but by ep 3, it was too much family drama instead of super-y stuff. I gave up on Chase before it started and we never started back in on The Office.

But I did give Glee (FOX, Tuesday) a chance when I wasn't planning on it, thanks to several friends encouraging me that I should be able to jump in even w/o watching season 1.

As for new shows, The Event (NBC, Monday) has definitely kept me interested. It's not bounce-up-and-down excitement like I had for Heroes the first few seasons, but still quite good. Hawaii Five-O (CBS, Monday) was one I started to enjoy first ep and then set it aside - I did a marathon last week and caught up, and I'm really enjoying it.

Our only half hour show is Running Wilde (FOX, Tuesday), and that really has been funny. Ratings are low, tho, so it's hanging on my a string and that's too bad.

When it comes to returning shows, Castle (ABC, Monday) is my fav this year so far. They've done a great job keeping it good even with Castle having a girlfriend. On the other hand, Bones (FOX, Thursday) has gotten stale for this same reason (Booth having a girlfriend), and the cases are keeping my interest as much. House (FOX, Monday) surprised me because I wasn't thinking I'd enjoy the new relationship on the show but they handled it better than expected. Chuck (NBC, Monday) is better to me when watching in a chunk of eps, so I waited till I had a nice pile - still 2 eps behind right now, they've certainly had the array of guest stars!

Human Target got bumped till Nov 17 and V isn't until January, so I have no input on them yet!

On Netflix, we've just finished the whole series of Alias. We are watching Big Bang Theory from last season while we eat dinner downstairs (and taping the current series). The same taping idea for Fringe, we'll be watching season two next now that we are done with Alias. The Vampire Diaries first season is high on my queue for after Fringe.

I had higher hopes for this season, but I am happy that a few shows are still keeping me excited to turn on the TiVo :)

November launch day fun

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Yesterday was November 1st, and it was a great day to refresh my sites and shop with everything new I've been working on lately.

Podcast is Live!
After finishing recording my 3rd episode of the Yarnings Podcast, I decided to make it live to my main site and share it with my friends outside the knitting circle.  from the site: "The Yarnings Podcast is a new audio blog that talks about fibery/crafty projects with stories of cooking, geekyness, and more." 

kadyellebee patterns.  Even though I've been designing my own patterns for a while, I didn't have any live until yesterday.  The patterns site launches with the Wren Shawl, a knitted pattern for a round shawl designed to wrap around the wearer many ways.  This pattern itself has both charted and written instructions. 

kadyellebee on Etsy refresh.  3 new product lines were added to the kadyellebee shop, and all products got a retouch in their descriptions and keywords to make things easier to find.  The 3 new lines are the Wren Shawls, Rambaldi Scarves, and Woven Purses.  This is the culmination of hundreds of hours of designing, knitting/crocheting, and photoshoots!  

Three big things for a big day.  It is a great start to the holiday season, and makes me very excited for things to come :)

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