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where's the music?

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My music collection is mostly all digital.  iTunes says I have over 2500 songs right now.  That's everything, including holiday music and a bunch of WOW albums that may not have been listened to yet.  It's awesome to be able to listen wherever I am in the house. 

itunesicon.gifHome Sharing!  The newest version of iTunes/iOS have a new feature that makes home sharing easier.  The great thing about this is that you don't have to have the music synced ONTO my iPhone to listen.  Note: To use home sharing the same way as me, you should have iTunes 10.2.1 and iOS 4.3 on your iPhone.  I have a Mac, but it should work the same way with Windows. 

  • in your iTunes menu, under Advanced, click "Turn on Home Sharing"; sign in to your iTunes account, and "Create Home Share"
  • on your iPhone, go to Settings.  Scroll down and tap iPod; under "Home Sharing" put your iTunes account username/password.
To use on your iPhone:

  • go to the iPod app, and click More, then Shared (it's a little house with a music note).  Select your computer name, and it will connect to that library.  Now you can pick any item that's on your computer and play them over the iPhone speakers.
Similarly, you can control the music being played on iTunes (through speakers attached to that computer) with your iPhone using the Remote app. 

  • in your iTunes preferences, click on the Sharing tab.  Check the "Share my library on my local network" and you can pick all or some of your music.
  • on your iPhone, download the "Remote" app from the App Store.  (It's created by Apple Inc. when you search)
  • To use: in iTunes, start some music or podcast playing.  Open the Remote app on your iPhone.  Notice it connects to your music library and you can pause, go through tracks, change the volume, etc.  Also, if you don't have music playing yet, you can start a song or playlist directly!

cartoon kristine

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cartoonkristine-yarnings.jpg This is the coolest thing ever!  Amy (@amysnotdeadyet) turned me into a cartoon!  I'm a little weeble version of me.  I thought it would be lots of fun, so we did a trade - a cartoon for a shawl.  I made her a soft cotton version of the Wren Shawl in a beautiful purple-blackberry color.

wren amy chairdrape

Amy talks about her process in her blog post: Weeble Wednesday: Kristine Beeson

I took a few pictures wearing one of my favorite new outfits to give plenty of inspiration, wearing my own Wren Shawl to make it even more special and "me". 

kristine-wren-flying me and my shawl rack, "girly things for a pretty life" IMG_7406.jpg market-kristine.jpg
Amy added a lot of features to really bring the drawing to life, like the iPhone that really is usually in my hand, and knitting needles, and of course the pinky-red streak in my hair and shiny shoes.

Cartoon-Kristine is now part of the design on the Yarnings Podcast site, where she greets you friendily from the sidebar.

Now for the fun stuff:
I'm loving being a cartoon, it's been making me smile all throughout the process. :)

kristine a glance

kristine is a giggly geeky crafty girl, growing in faith and hope.

Aaron Carapella's Tribal Nations Map. ~really cool to see how many tribes have been in this area!~k
Jacinda’s denim overalls and pink knit sleeve top on Once Upon a Time.  Outfit Details: #ouat  ~i like this (as altered) and it makes me want to knit something similar~k
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kristine favorited Vanilla Reversed by Anneh Fletcher
kristine favorited Vanilla is the New Black by Anneh Fletcher
kristine favorited Deflection by Carissa Browning

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