Bazaar: Green Holiday Event

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I enjoy finding new bazaars and craft shows because it's all about finding those perfect local gifts for people.  I saw The Columbian, our local paper, mentioning the Check 'em Off Green Holiday Event at the Marshal Center, and so we stopped in for a look.  The event page is on  My Christmas list really wasn't ready enough to buy things, but I really enjoyed some of the ideas I got.

The featured creators in The Columbian's article was Rock Candy Art, and they had some neato bags and purses made out of reclaimed vinyl or chip bags or gum wrappers - really cool idea.

I felt some super soft t-shirts from WearYourVeggies, I'd love to wrap some babies up in their organic cotton shirts!  From Goldendale, WA.

I really like the idea of Bug Baby designs - they had reusable sandwich and snack bags that closed with velcro.  They were adorable!

The most interesting items to me were from GiftSAC, with their burlap sac bags and purses.  The owner, Chris, chatted with me for a few minutes and we learned we'd both be jurying for another market together in a few days, so that was really a nice connection.  She mentioned how one of her bags was the perfect size for a file folder, and that's exactly the size I need right now for carrying around my lists and comp book.  I think I'm going to get myself one!

I made an Etsy Treasury of the some of the vendors I saw and some other local Vancouver shops: It's a Green Holiday in Vancouver

I'm excited for more craft fairs and bazaars through the holiday season :)

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