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Combining more on kadyellebee

So the newest change I made over the weekend (I say that with a giggle because technically, the weekend just began!) is to combine more feeds together (by tweaking magpie indexes) here on my kadyellebee page. I basically want kadyellebee.com to serve as a home page for everything I write... even though only the journally posts are technically in the kadyellebee blog.

I added my LiveJournal posts here and in my main feed here. Of course, it’s only the public ones, for private posts, you’d have to go and visit my LJ. But it’s more fun putting quizlets and funny friends-listy-stuff over there, and I’m learning more about LJ while using it, so it’s good for me to do that too.

So what feed should you be watching? The default one has been kadyellebee.com/atom.php for a while. If you aren’t subscribed to that one, now might be the time to do that. smile That includes kadyellebee’s journally posts, kdlb-link (mainly del.icio.us), kdlb-pad for my mobloggy posts and photo announcments, collectics media-posts, and kdlb:live, my livejournal.

I did a few more tweaks to this design. I’m plotting something similar once fall is more gone, and the overall changes to the framework will be good. smile And I added a pile of things to collectics, after I got it to publish again. Sometimes, MTAmazon gets choked up on a certain book and I have to track down the cache file. All better, so it made all these ones in draft on MarsEdit ready to actually be posted!


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Yay! I’m glad you posted about your feed. It’s bothered me that the one I was using was partial posts. Thanks. smile

Plus it’s neat to see all of your posts in one spot. flower

This looks so good, I heart this new look!! How about you do something that sucks for once? wink

Oh, yay! I was one of the 62 Bloglines subscribers who was reading the wrong feed. Now I can switch to the right one! Of course I already have your LJ on my friends list, but I don’t mind seeing things more than once as long as I make sure I’m not missing anything! luvya

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