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Once more, outloud

Some days, you just need to listen to some happy music. And sing at the top of your lungs. It really works wonders.

Except that if you are still doing this to some certain music when your husband comes in the door after work, you might blush.

You’ve been warned. tongue out

Now tomorrow, maybe I’ll do this while I’m not working really hard so I can actually listen to it instead of just singing blindly along and not completely enjoying the moment. Ha ha!


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Hi Kristine: funny you should mention Once More with Feeling. There’s going to be a Buffy musical based on that episode here in San Francisco. I saw the casting call for it on Craig’s List, but can’t find anymore info on it online. I’ll keep an eye out for it!

Ohh, that is so cool! I think that it would be neato to make one of my trips to SF match up with that laughing

I’d go with you to see it. smile


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