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Closet Necessities

Brandy asked what my Closet Necessitieswere - 6 items that are "the basics of my closet"

I had fun thinking about this list! Of course, these are staple things that I really have purchased in the last 5 years. With weight fluctuation due to sickness (and the drugs that went along with that), I’ve had to kind of reinvent my wardrobe anyhow. I feel quite comfortable now with my style actually. At least my every-day style.

  1. Nice pair of dark (slightly stretch) jeans. I do love my darker ones that I just got (mine are Lane Bryant just like Brandy’s), they can be dressed up with a nice shirt or down with a t-shirt
  2. Overall shorts. I enjoy wearing them in the summer even when I’m feeling tired and sore because they are loose. I like Old Navy’s the best. Khaki or Jean.
  3. Light button up sweater. It can either be worn with the sleeves up slightly during a spring/early summer day, or normal for a cooler day. My current one is from AE on the clearance rack and is nice light yellow. Nice buttons are a must.
  4. a button up stripey shirt with flattering seams. I have several right now that are classy when paired with my sweater or more casual alone.
  5. Nice stretch t-shirt with a good neckline. Casual, but comfy. A little thicker than a standard t-shirt to make it last long and smooth out my figure is good - last time I found one I liked, I got 4 colors (red, black, white, and yellow - yellow is since been stained but is still wearable under overall shorts!).
  6. Jean skirt with slight stretch. Worn with t-shirt, more casual, and worn with sweater and button up shirt, a bit nicer.

I guess I should also have included salt-water sandals, which would fit with most of those things too. And jammies are my *actual* every-day attire, so I’d have to fit something in for that as well. But the above are more the things I buy to wear out of the house. smile

Brandy mentioned an ankle-length skirt and that’d probably be a good thing, too. I do have a nice versatile one that I wear to Mary Kay meetings that I ended up pairing with a silky tank for E’s reunion, and it worked out really well!

That was fun smile


Our styles seem to mesh well. smile I’m actually looking for some nice button-up shirts now that I’m working in an office, but my shape doesn’t seem to work well with he button-ups I’ve tried. I’m grateful that my workplace is casual enough that I can get away with a polo shirt or a nice T-shirt and jeans most days.

Oh yes, they do! butterfly

Yeah, I’m with you there! The last couple I’ve gotten have been from Lane Bryant, which means they are fitted more to my shape better. I keep trying on ones that are just larger at Old Navy, but it’s not great fit. So try Lane Bryant maybe next time you need button-ups? smile