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busy girl!

I’ve been quite busy. Everything, nothing, anything between smile

So this may be a bit random tounge out

  • I’ve become quite a bit of a Mac girl when I’m not working. My mac mini (affectionately dubbed Tinkerbell) is my primary system now. E’s selling his computers so he can get something new, so he’s using my PC at the moment. My work laptop is PC, so of course I’ve got both still, but for personal stuff like email and news-reading and browser, Tink is my best friend. I’m loving learning new things, and widgets are a ton of fun since I have Tiger.
  • I have fingernails. It’s quite strange because I’ve been more likely to bite them off than anything for many years. I think that watching manicures and pedicures the wedding weekend in CA must had some sort of affect on me! (I got lavender toes because the bride and bridesmaids invited me along after a long day of setting up and prep together.)
  • I’ve been going through my entire stock of Jude Deveraux books to reread lately, and it’s a nice way to decompress before falling asleep.
  • I’m planning for a busy June:
    • My sister graduates in Walla Walla College next weekend (my alma mater) and that’s got me a little anxious just because I haven’t been back there since E’s graduation (99) and it’s a big family trip with our WHOLE family (Eric and Me; Leonard, Sarah and Leah; Mom and Dad; Lisa and her boyfriend John; Matthew; and Megan of course). I don’t know John barely at all, and most of the family isn’t very up on how Adventist graduation weekends go, or at least not since mine. We’ll spend a night in a hotel because the events span between saturday sabbath dinner with the finance head person, several things honoring Megan that evening, and the graduation on Sunday morning. Should be interesting!

    • We’ll celebrate Leah’s 2nd birthday while we are gone too.

    • And then the next week, I’ll be another trip.
  • The end of lots of TV shows happened just not too long ago, and that left me with a lot of things I’d hoped to blog about!
  • I got my wall ready to paint last weekend. I just didn’t quite get to the actual painting. It’s clean, the tape is downstairs and I feel pretty sure I know what I’m doing! It’s a cross between a Behr Colorwashing and an Olympic technique because that one uses a darker base and lighter glazes… And then I’m gonna get small brushes to paint around the mirror in a decorative “frame” for it.
  • And then I planted some bulbs that were supposed to be planted in November because I figured it couldn’t hurt!
  • Work is going good, I’m doing a lot of really interesting stuff. It’s just not really stuff I say outloud. Although there’s hints to things I’m excited about in this Everything TypePad post!
  • I’ve got a family dinner in a few hours, but instead of getting ready, I have sat here and read webpages, and updated collectics and tried to get caught up on soaps. I deleted a bunch of AMC’s because they were so old, so I’m closer to being caught up, and that’s nice. I was actually about ready to quite AMC totally, but now that I’m watching again, I remember that I missed it! I rolled for a while (ahem, Katamari Damachy!). E’s been at work today, so it’s just been quiet and stress free - how much fun is that!!! smile

There’s more, but since I’ve been writing this off and on for a few hours and must get showered. Maybe I’ll even do some microdermabrasion and make my skin super duper soft since E’s not home to laugh at me playing in the bathroom smile I could even paint my nails, since I have some to paint! woo. smile

And that’s the story…


I’m glad you’re enjoying your mac, I knew you would. smile And you looked gorgeous during the wedding, that color looks great on you.

I just wanted to say hi and I miss you! So busy working these days. laughing luvya