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I’m getting ready to go to a wedding this weekend. E is actually in the wedding. So we are headed to California. smile

I didn’t have anything to wear though, so I had to go find someting suited to California weather and so I wouldn’t look too silly next to my boy in his fab tux. laughing

I found a Linen Shirt and Skirt (in purple), and it looks really good one, almost as nice as a dress.

But I still need shoes, so I’m off to see what Payless has. Hopefully something will work, I definitely don’t have any that match. I’m thinking something silvery because of the stiching in the , but we’ll see.

Oh goodness, I just looked at the forecast for this weekend - it’s gonna be 92°! OMG! I’m gonna fry. Even with my Mary Kay sunscreen. Ack! Ummm, I guess that means I need to bring shorts not jeans. I wonder if they fit? I haven’t pulled any of them out this year yet!

So yeah, little momentary freak out. At least I have a blog to rant this out with. laughing


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