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alarm clocks and snoring

One thing that I don’t like about owning a condo instead of a standalone house... When I lay here in bed working with my laptop in the morning while E gets ready (ahhh, nice warm bed), I get to hear my neighbor’s alarm clock go off. Then I hear him go back to snoring. loudly.

Ahhh, luckily I have a sound machine and just have to get up and turn it back on to hear the rain or ocean or jungle noises. Much preferred to said neighbor’s snoring tounge out

BTW, there are a lot of benefits to a condo, too, like no lawn care or worrying about the outside of the house. Definitely a plus for us because we don’t have time or energy to spend on those kind of things. I just wish there was more insulation between the walls. Hmmm, maybe I could do a Hildi and turn my room into a circus tent and that would muffle the noise. wink


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