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birthday weekend extravaganza

I love April. smile It comes with it so many fun things. This weekend particularly was such fun because we did some pre-birthday celebrating. smile

My family had a birthday party for me on Saturday, including some of my very favorite foods, and a self-purchased cake of Chocolate-raspberry. Happy Leah time makes me smile and I definitely got some of that. She’s saying something that sounds closer to my name now, and it’s so cute!

And then for our fun trip yesterday, we went to Old Spaghetti Factory, the famous purple roof one. Headed down through a "short cut", which meant driving through the country with my music playing, where we didn’t know where we were :giggle: It was *beautiful* actually. This shortcut took us to Fry’s, which is the largest coolest electronics store in the area. We spent a lot of time in there!

Last weekend, I got a mac mini. This weekend, I got a monitor to replace the one I’d been using (E’s 1st monitor he purchased himself in 1996-ish). And a KVM and keyboard that works better (no more sticky shift key, woo!)

We headed to Men’s Wearhouse after that to get E fitted for the tux he’ll be wearing for a friends wedding soon. And that was really closed to Ben and Jerry’s (we google-mapped with the satelite view before to make sure tounge out), so we headed over there. I was so excited because I’ve been waiting to go there for (literally) years. We walked in and the girl says, sorry we’re closing. I pouted. Meanie! So even though we were both tired, we went grocery shopping because we totally needed to, and got some ice cream there!!

Came home and watched some TV to chill out after a busy day. I slept good last night, and now I’m happy and ready for another week. Woo!

And now it’s Happy Birthday to ME today, wheeee!

blush I’m still scared of 29 because of how close it is to the next number. But I know that only good things will happen this year. I can feel it. Starting with a smile is the first step, right? And I’ve got one of those laughing


Happy Birthday! You’ve got me beat by a whole 4 days (mine’s on Friday). :smile

Happy birthday! I have a card for you but don’t have your new address. *hugs* candle

Happy birthday Kristine! smile heart

Happy birthday! (I hope you changed your address with Amazon. :smilesmile

Happy Birthday, Kristine! flower

happy birthday! laughing

happy birthday my dear sweet friend. i hope it was fabulous. sorry and ben and jerry’s though - poopie heads tounge out

ooh, birthday clickies.
candle butterfly flower lollypop luvya strawberry luvya

Happy Birthday! I hope you’ve had a great day. And remember some people only get better with age and you’re one of them. heart

So you’re taking a KVM switch for your PC and Mac Mini? Will you let me know how that works? I wondered about doing the same thing but wondered how it would work.

Happy (belated) birthday!!! I hope you had a fabulous day! And remember, the 30s are the new black. Don’t be afraid of them! blushbugbutterflyheartluvyaflower

Happy Birthday, to my almost birthday twin!! Sorry I missed it, but it sounds like you had a great day!! heart