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delurking day

Carla says it was De-lurking day yesterday.

delurk.gif Which means I’m really too late to post that. laughing But it seems like a good time to actually make a post. I kept saying to myself that I’ll wait to post in the new year until I had something profound to say. Ya know, if I waited for that... ;) So *I'm* delurking rather than the commenters de-lurking. Yep, backwards and crazy, but true. :giggle:


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It’s never too late as far as I’m concerned. wink

hello! smile

Hi! I know what you mean about waiting until you have something profound to say. I’m trying to get over that feeling. ha ha!

Well any day could be de-lurking day. smile

I’ve made delurking and posting more, both in my own blogs and in comments, one of my New Years Resolutions, so it’s more like Delurking Year for me. Happy New Year!

It’s never to late to leave love at a friend’s blog.

Just leaving you some love ... heart

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