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wallet stress

Wallets should be tied to their owners, never taken off, so they can’t cause stress!

I am such a freak and left my wallet at Burger King last night. Especially in the last few years with my CFIDS, I’ve been so freaked out I would do this, but managed to keep a close eye on the same wallet I’ve had since I graduated from college. I went to grab it to pay for something last night after we got home from shopping and it was gone, and I stopped breathing, I swear.

I retraced my steps and even though it was after midnight, I called the Burger King were I knew I’d pulled it out of my purse last and they had it! Thank God for honest whoever the honest person was who turned it in.

Of course, I couldn’t really breathe until I just got off the phone with E, who has it now with him. I am lucky.

There was only a $2 bill left in it because I gave the rest to E to buy his vegeburger last night after Taco bell next door had screwed his order - so its not even that there was cash in it to steal, I just didn’t want to have to worry about ID and cards and everything that was in there!


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