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Firefox 1.0PR

After I had a bunch of crashes with Firefox earlier, I finally took the plunge and upgraded. Who knows, I probably had a bad extension or something that I upgraded just recently. So now Firefox PR1.0 is on my laptop at least now! (I don’t sit at my desk as much these days)

Get Firefox!

I like what I’m seeing so far. Subtle improvements and some updates to some of my fav extensions are happy things. smile

I even found a new extension to check my gmail right from the browser (so its about a quart of an inch higher than the one on my desktop computer in its systray!) I think I’m gonna like this location more, but I haven’t identified why yet.

Well, except the default Extensions and Themes area on mozilla.org. Its more noticable now that the Extension and Themes boxes are prominent and so "get more themes" or whatever goes to this newer site. I really liked how texturizer.net felt, and this is much clunkier. We’ll see, maybe it will grow on me.


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I use the Gmail notifier extension rather than the official systray checker. I love it! There was a problem a while ago when Gmail changed their authentication and the notifier extension couldn’t get logged in, but it’s been fixed and the current version is working great.

i agree with you on the new extensions page. i prefer the texturizer lay-out much more,

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