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melissa is famous!

My fabulous friend miss m'lissa has a good surprise*... She’s been named one of the best Michigan Bloggers by the Detroit Free Press!

MIKE WENDLAND: Meet the Michibloggers—the people behind the keyboards at the state’s best Internet journals. The article author says:

...I received more than 150 suggestions. From that, and from my own surfing around the Web, I’ve whittled my pick of Michigan’s best blogs down to six.

The article also has a nice overview of blogging basics, and other nice featured bloggers.

*Seriously, I’m not suprised, she IS wonderful!

[seen also at ProNet]


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Awww, I lub you. I saw this when you posted it... and then I got distracted... lol

I hope you’re doing well. I’m thinking about you! smile

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