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movable type 3.1

I’m really excited for the work that has unfolded to create Movable Type 3.1. The new features are terrific, and I’m looking forward to getting to know more about them once I upgrade over here. See also... Mena’s Corner.

Something that I’ve looked forward to for a long time is the Professional Network, and that makes me even more proud to have the revamped (and all pretty) Plugin Directory as an official part of the ProNet. Considering that the Plugin Directory evolved from just a little listing on my personal website to help me answer questions into a major listing of plugins, it’s just super-duper-exciting to see it where it is today. The ProNet is really gonna be great, too - if you are doing anything with MT or TP, it’s a great time to join.

A little personal note... Its weird that I’ve been pretty busy with TypePad support this time around, and haven’t gotten to work with the MT3.1 beta - I was telling E that this is probably the first time since there was a publicly available beta that I didn’t get to really participate!

So have you seen all this already? What do you think? smile


I grabbed 3.1 immediately when I saw it, but I’m confused about one thing. Isn’t this version supposed to incorporate MT-Blacklist? I can’t figure out where the settings for it are hiding.

I absolutely love the new version. It’s everything I hoped for in regards to subcategories. Haven’t had much time to dig into the Pro network or anything else because hubby and I are moving in 15 days. This was such a welcome upgrade heart

Hey Meredith... lollypop Blacklist isn’t built into MT3.1, but it is available with the other contest winners in the Plugin Pack. And its WAAAAAAY cool, I’ve got it working on mt-plugins and it integrates so nicely with MT3.1 smile Whee!