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blog permalinks and via credits

With almost 4 1/2 years of content on several of my blogs, I’m very aware of the way I use permalinks and credit links, and how I’ve changed. I wish I had come up with some standards back when I was starting so that it would be easy to do things the same way. Like permalink URLs; obviously a few times over the years, the URLs have changed because of moving domains and changing weblogging systems (Blogger to Greymatter to Movable Type). For credit links, I just haven’t been very consistant how I’ve marked them until the last year or so. So its interesting to me to read what other people have done with their linking to evolve with the times.

Digital Web Magazine has a new post talking about how their credit links are tagged:

... for a long time Digital Web Magazine has always given credit to blogs and sites in which we find some of our news bits, well, if you have been watching closely you will notice that we no longer link to that blogs home page, instead we are linking directly to the specific post in which we found the information. This way when someone Googles for something and gets one of Digital Web Magazine’s blog posts and if we found it online, they will be able to locate the source of that information without having to search the sources site for it. A simple solution for a issue we all have to deal with from time to time.

I’m striving to be more consistant in this, as I try to credit where I get things especially on kdlb-links entries. Lately, I’ve been trying to put both a permalink and a link to the main URL of the site when its someone I regularly link to. I have my macros set up so that the XFN info about the frequently linked people shows up, and I like the idea of that connectivity so much that its not a bad thing to put more than one link.

Stuff I enjoy thinking about, that’s for sure!


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