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blueberry busy day

A few random notes before climbing into bed...

I bought a nice big box of blueberries over the weekend, and it made me try out a new Blueberry coffee cake recipe. Its yummy, and I still had fresh blueberries to put in the freezer. I have a feeling they’ll be better than the pre-frozen ones, but we’ll see. I heart blueberries.

Besides that, Leonard and Sarah and Leah came over for dinner on tuesday night, and we had a fruit salad with Cantelope and Blueberries, and Leah is *such* a little blueberry-girl! She couldn’t stop eating them, and we giggled at her while trying to distract her with other food. We’ve got it pretty nicely figured out that when they come to eat, we bring my desk chair down and then she has a chair with arms to sit in a little easier.

I’ve been working hard. Its keeping me out of trouble!

Another area of the house is decorated, and I can’t wait to show off pictures of our pretty office chairs and rug!

I have little braids in my hair because it was really soft when I took it down, so I was playing with it and ended up with some cool braids curled around my head. smile E says I look cute, so I guess you’ll have to take his word for it.


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