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loving little house

One thing I’ve loved about having a TiVo. It starts to predict the things I’d like. One such thing that it suggested a few weeks ago was Little House on the Prairie. Well, of course, I made myself a season pass, because it was my very favorite series growing up, and even as a teen/young adult until TBS took it off the air. Hallmark channel plays it now, and so I’m loving seeing the episodes again, even though I’ve seen every one at least 20 times (no joke, its been at least that many years I’ve watched it in reruns!)

cover The episodes of this morning were some of my favorites. The books captured my hopeless romanticness, so seeing how Almanzo and Laura met was always amoung the best for me.

I love the foreshadowing quote at the end, and took a minute to write it down this evening. The happy knowledge in her voice, knowing the story as I did, always made me smile:

I took Ma’s advice and didn’t say anything more about Almanzo. I guess I knew I’d always be "half-pint" to Pa. But I was just as sure I’d someday be Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Back to School, parts one and two.

I always wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder. Or at least live when I could wear braids, dresses, and bonnets. My childhood is filled with pictures of me wearing silly skirts dressing up like her. No matter how dorky I was, I sure was happy!

I told E that I was gonna buy the DVDs of the show so that my little girls wink could watch it with me even if it was off the air by then. Now that I rewatch the beginning of season 6, I for sure want that season at least!


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I tivo those too, and I have always loved the books and series. I am glad to hear that I’m not the only one, even though most of my friends snicker at me when I mention it blush

that was always my favorite show growing up too. the two girls down the street and i would dress up in long dresses and bonnets and go play in the woods. i was in the middle, in terms of age, so i always got to be laura. my copies of those books are so dilapitated that i actually had to throw them out - the pages and covers were all bent and falling off from being read so much. i told my parents i wanted the dvd’s of the show, but everyone always laughs at me smile

I loved the books - I’ve read most/all of the stuff she’s written, besides the original books. I’ve visited their home in Mansfied, MO. I, too, wanted to be Laura.

But I refused to watch the TV show. Just refused. It was too different from the books, and I just couldn’t bear it. laughing

I’m a very big dork that way. blush

Some goodies from my reading journal for you, then:

prheartall the places she lived
prheartIngalls family photographs

I never watched the show more than a couple times, but I loved the books. I used to churn "butter" in my backyard while collecting wood for a fire. The butter was really mud, and I didn’t have any matches, but hey, I had fun. blush

I wanted to be her too! I actually got to visit the places that she lived at in Minnesota and South Dakota (where she met Alanzo, I believe?) and possibly the ones in the prairie states - Iowa? My Dad actually planned a summer vacation once around visiting the places where she grew up. I even got to buy a bonnet in South Dakota!

I’ve even been on the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Highway on the border of Minnesota/Wisconsin. It’s near the Little House in the Big Woods!

Did you see that they are remaking the show? But trying to cast actors that look like the real Ingalls family?

I loved the books when I was a kid. Still do. This past year, I introduced some of my girls to her - one little girl read the entire series because I recommended them to her. I too dressed up a lot in long skirts. I still think I’d have loved to live back then, even with my love of technology and watching all the PBS going back int imte specials.

A few months back I did a lot of Laura research and read books and biographies. I love noting the differences between the books and the real life. There were, for sure, differences, but the spirit was the same. Absolutely wonderful. laughing

Also, I have to say, it makes me smile every time I come here and see "my" music on your winamp list.

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