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random thoughts

yes, I realize these three things have completely nothing to do with each other, but still Zempt has kept a running pile of notes that need to be posted. laughing

TNT is having a whole lot of George Clooney lately; and they are playing at least one promo with him on it during every commercial break. The Peacemaker, Three Kings, and Ocean’s Eleven are the 3 I’ve seen a lot lately advertised. I wouldn’t mind seeing any of them again, they are all good movies. I have a particular obsession with the commercial for Ocean’s Eleven this week because I really like the song in it. I had to do some searching to figure it out, but finally, I found that its Maroon 5 singing Harder to Breathe. Its one of those addicting songs!

you know what bugs me? When I type cuz instead of because. It doesn’t bother me when other people do it, its just a silly thing that I don’t like when I do it because I feel like a 12yo IMer. LOL! I don’t realize I’m doing it until I send something. Its an IM habit, that I must attribute to too many years of chatting with rina-doll wink

People shouldn’t be allowed to set off fireworks at 12:45 AM on 7/8/04. I jumped. And it wasn’t like it was just one, it was a whole series of them. Freaks.


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I love that song!music, but haven’t enjoyed any others I’ve heard from that band so far.

Yes, people should not set off fireworks late at night. confused I still have people setting them off in my neighborhood. I’ve never seen the Peacemaker, but I really like Three Kings, I think he directed Oceans Eleven also.

Amen! The fireworks thing is ridiculous around here. I haven’t found any great excitement in fireworks since I was a kid, but it’s a given on the 4th. My dog is incredibly nervous about them, and the neighbors (after midnight during the week) have been lighting them off steadily. My poor dog is afraid to go outside to go to the bathroom. I wish there was a section of the Police who would enforce noise ordinances for this specific issue for two weeks after the 4th. It drives me nuts! smile

I like Maroon 5’s This Love. LOL I’m addicted to it. (Not as addicted as I am to Neil FInn’s She Will Have Her Way, however. According to iTunes, I’ve listened to M5 20 times, as opposed to NF’s 51, in the last 4 days. *g*)

And heee, we did IM a LOT. And use shorthands a lot. Although mine was more Rinaspeak than conventional shorthands. LOL

I’m glad you’re enjoying your TiVo. : )

As long as you know when you’re doing "cuz" and that it’s not proper English - it’s the people who just use it and don’t care that drive me insane! luvya

hi, kristine. just wanted to introduce myself. i came over from your comment on stopdesign. and i couldn’t help positing a comment because i happen to be friends with ryan and the guys from maroon 5, so i’ll pass the compliment. i have a penchant for "must get out," in particular, "'this is not goodbye,' she said / 'it is just time for me to rest my head.'" if you like them, check out sara bareilles. she is fantastic (think a mix between nora jones and fiona apple) and is how i met ryan. she and he went out for a long time and a number of their songs are about eachother.

anyway, it’s good to meet you. this site has some great css.

None in Pennsylvania either sad

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