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typing downstairs

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So I’m blogging from downstairs. How super cool this is! Its quiet, and cooler, and I’ve actually gotten quite a bit done in the last half hour that I’ve been down here. I’ve been SO looking forward to the day this would happen, so its making me laughing have big smiles on my face all the while... Just ask Brenna how many times I asked about it before it arrived. tounge out

We stopped and got a wireless router thing tonight after looking at some houses, so I’m wire-free. Battery is working nicely, too, so its just me and my new friend on my soft cushy couch. Ahhhhh...

no, its not mine, its a work computer. But its my first, and opens a whole new array of possibilties. I can work anywhere!! smile


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music and not only that, but I’m listening to music that’s stored on the server upstairs, too wink I wasn’t sure if that would work or not, but its going smoothly and perfectly, even though its out of the laptop speaker. YEAH!!

Yay for making new friends! smile

I’ve had my laptop and wireless network for a couple of months, and I’m still completely in that "new love" stage of our relationship. It’s absolutely amazing.

I’ve had wireless in my house for about two years now and I can’t imagine living without it. The best was when I was looking for a job, sending out resume’s from the comfort of my couch, or out on the deck by the pool, or while laying in bed. Gotta love it!

Yay! I love ThinkPads. They are sweet little machines. smile

yay for laptops smile. i have one, and i don’t ever want to use a desktop again. i’m sitting on the couch browsing myself right now. smile

Your laptop looks just like mine! Is it an R40? (You know, I don’t think it says anywhere on the laptop what model it is. How dumb.)

Wireless and a laptop are the only way to surf. ;)

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