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blog this with FeedDemon and Zempt

For future reference... FeedDemon: BlogThis Tokens, an inclusive listing. Here’s how they work:

...FeedDemon creates a text file containing the selected post, and then passes it to the blog publishing tool. When publishing through a URL (MovableType, etc.) the same information is passed in the URL.

When using FeedDemon and Zempt, I use one of two formats for posting about a news item, depending on which blog I’m posting to. These URLs don’t go to the MT interface themselves, but to Zempt; I enjoy using that interface for my longer posts anyhow (its easy to save your entry, and I like having it in my systray ready for use).

My default for kadyellebee uses blockquotes and link in the Entry field like this:

zempt:newPost?title=$ITEM_TITLE$&body=<a href=\"$ITEM_LINK$\">$ITEM_TITLE$</a> ¶
<br /> ¶
<blockquote>$ITEM_DESCRIPTION_PLAIN$</blockquote> ¶
<div align=\"right\"> ¶
[via <a href=\"$CHANNEL_LINK$\">$SOURCE_TITLE$</a>]</div>

And then my kdlb-links uses inline quotes (q), a link in the Extended Entry for attribution, and the keywords field has the source link in it for Hotlinks addition.

zempt:newPost?title=$ITEM_TITLE$&body=<a href=\"$ITEM_LINK$\">$ITEM_TITLE$</a> ¶
&emdash;<q>$ITEM_DESCRIPTION$</q> ¶
&extended=<a href=\"$CHANNEL_LINK$\">$SOURCE_TITLE$</a> ¶

Note, the ¶ tags are only there to show the hard breaks in the code. If you copy and paste, be sure to take them and the line breaks out.

The beginning of these URLs were based on the examples from Zempt API. I use variations on their example there for posting to Zempt from my browser, although I could really use some optimizing on those bookmarklets. But I need to learn more javascript to do that well! smile


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I can’t seem to find this anywhere, so maybe you’re aware. Is there a way to do this without opening a new post in Zempt for each news item?

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