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kristine-scissorhands? My hands were in scissors for too much of the day and my muscles in my hand is sore. laughing Silly, isn’t it?!

The flowers were great, even though it seemed like we just didn’t quite have enough (despite the fact that I snuck a few more onto the order after Sarah paid me. hee hee.)

I put up the pictures of our flower arranging quickly up on TypePad: Sarah and Leonard’s Wedding Weekend for now. I was so busy actually doing flowers that I didn’t get as many pictures as I should have. I’m gonna have to tell E to take more tonight while I’m running around decorating. smile

The rehearsal dinner is tonight, and then we are decorating after that. Adventist churches are kinda picky about using the church for decorating until after sundown, so we’ll be there late. Hopefully we’ll still get a lot done and not have much to finish in the morning. smile


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Beautiful flowers!! I love love love daisies!

The daisies look great! I love them with the yellow and white roses. I think yellow is such a nice color for weddings, and it doesn’t seem to get used much.

Those are all so very beautiful. I’ve never seen Love in the Mist before. Very very pretty. Daisies are my mom’s favorite flower. I’m so excited and I’m not even going to be there! ;) Have fun. And remember to take it easy. ;)

Pretty, pretty flowers! Really makes me look forward to getting my own boquet for Christine’s wedding next weekend! flower fishy prheart

I love the daisies, too! laughing Enjoy yourself, Kristine. And then relax! heart

Leah looks so cute attacking the ribbon there laughing

It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time preparing, and I’m loving the entries about it laughing

Hope you had fun! heart

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