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godfather song

TNT has been playing an ad for The Godfather DVD. And every time it comes on, I think of this...

When I was little, I had a jewelry box that was pink and had a little ballerina inside of it. It wasn’t until many years later when I watched The Godfather (I was at least 16 then) that I realized that the theme to that movie was what played in my music box.

Looking back on it, it seems really weird that someone would make a little girly music box with a theme from a mob movie as the tune it plays. Is it just me? smile


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Heh. That does seem weird. fishy

i totally had the same music box. the music, i don’t know but i did have the one with the ballerina that turned around! smile

I still have my ballerina jewelry box at my parents' house. A mob tune is definitely an interesting choice. laughing Mine plays Tiny Dancer, which works as far as the title, but still seems an odd choice. You’d think it would play something classical or something from The Nutcracker maybe.

Guess that gift was an offer you couldn’t refuse, eh? laughing

look for the song which sings the son of michael in the godfather 3 while they are in Sicily If somebody can indicate me a site where I could find it or send it to me it would be very nice thanks

i love music espicilally godfather song and i will apriciate if u send me the musics of god father

could anyone send me this song? or a free link? i would relly appreciate it. ;3 pitajabolcna@yahoo.com thanks a bunch GODFATHER IS THE DAD! **!

Could you please tell me the name of the song...

I am tired of looking for the name of it and I cant find it...

Please answer me to CarlosJCMartins@gmail.com!

Thank you very much!

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