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love-in week!

its a love-in!

It’s a time of love in the blogging-land! luvya Thanks to the wonderful sweet Erika, last years love-in is here again (on my birthday, same as last year!). smile Its a week of sharing love to other bloggers, giving them happy smiles in their comments. Why don’t you join in? I’m looking forward to making some giggles and grins for my favorite friends! prheart I’m all about the love! heart


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Happy belated birthday, Miss K.! You’re the best - I love you, and hope this year is better than ever luvya smile

happy belated birthday to you dear, you’re the best! happy day! and it is sure toasty in p-town today eh?

Because I don’t spend a lot of time online during the weekend, I missed out on the love-in yesterday, but I wanted to let you know that I do love you. smile Thanks for being a loving stop in the world of blogs and for being my friend.

Love and goldfish crackers fishy musicthe happy snack that smiles back until you bite their heads offmusic

Sorry, have never had the opportunity to click the fishie. laughing

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