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tea and toast

My head is feeling a bit stuffy again. So I’m drinking peach tea (oops, the last bag) and eating toast to try and sooth the potential of a full blown cold. At least my nose has slowed down the running... late last night, it didn’t wanna stop!

I really like my big giant teacup and saucer, and I wonder why I only use it when I’m sick! Its perfect for toast triangles on the saucer around the base of the cup.


Feel better! Hope the tea helps. candle

Hope you feel better soon, babe! kiss fishy

I’ve been drinking lots of tea today too. Sisters in tea! laughing Stupid allergies have my head so stuffed up, and my ears are popping like crazy. I never even had allergies until we moved here, so I get whiny about it.

I hope we’re both feeling better soon. Why does such a beautiful season have to cause so much pain? ha ha!

I hope you feel better! Tea definitely helps!

Mint tea with honey and lemon always helps me when I have a cold.
I think I prefer runny noses. Usually with me, when it stops running that means the goo has gotten thick and nasty and is getting stuck in my sinuses.