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tivo questioning

For all my smart gadgety friends...

Any thoughts on buying TiVos? And how do TiVo working with Digital Cable (comcast)? We are looking at getting one in the near future, but don’t know all the ins-and-outs yet! smile


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TiVo is absolutely the best invention ever. They work with the digital cable (Time Warner) here just fine. They’re pretty easy to hook up and while the service is a bit expensive, it’s totally worth it. Trust me - I’ve bought (or helped buy) five of them since I got mine almost three years ago.

I’m with Kymberlie—TiVo is the best invention! We have Comcast, too, and it works fine. It hooks up via an IR wire, and we put a paper "tent" over the port (it’s in the front of our Comcast digital box) so that the signal gets through and actually changes the channel. If one has DirectTV, TiVo hooks up through a serial port, but Comcast hasn’t caught up with that.

We paid for the lifetime account—it was $250 for unlimited access for as long as we have our machine, and whenever we upgrade TiVo boxes, we can usually transfer the account for little to no charge.

TiVo also has this nifty "home media" option, which costs about $100, but if you’ve got two TiVos, you can watch programming from both units on different TVs, plus access mussic, your season passes online.

My TiVo makes television watching much more enjoyable!

comcast is supposed to be coming out with a tivo-like digital cable box. if you can wait a couple of months for this it’s supposed to be out early summer (june-ish) it’s on their site, but just in the propaganda stages now...

Love Tivo! And, it was pretty easy to set-up. I’m sure once you get it, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

Tivo changes lives smile We’ve got two of them—one is our series2 that we used to use with cable—now it’s our bedroom tivo. The other is the main tivo, dual tuner. So at our hosue, we can be recording 3 live shows and watching 2 recorded shows. It’s pretty cool—and it totally changes how you view tv. We never ever watch live tv—not even news. It’s all via the tivo - so we can skip commercials. It’s so worth the money—and you can get good deals all the time. Check ebay for tivos with a lifetime service. It’s SO worth it—I don’t know anyone who’s gotten a tivo and regretted it smile

Nothing beats a Tivo! I can’t really add anything everyone else hasn’t said and I can’t comment on other DVRs, but if I had my choice between Tivo and anything else - Tivo would win.

Tivo is the best thing in the world! I adore it. I can’t believe I lived without it for so long. And I reeeeeeeeeally dragged my feet about it. But now, I could never never go back.

And if I could set it up by myself without needing to e-mail you, you know it’s easy. ;)

Sorry about the trackback to the wrong entry. ..

If you’re willing to go satellite a DirecTV DirecTiVo is a much better way to go, IMO. They have 2 tuners, so you can record 2 shows at once. One (minor) annoyance with the cable box Infrared blaster is that every once in a while it will miss a channel change. Before I went with DirecTV, I had a stand-along TiVo with Comcast digital cable. The channel changing issue popped up maybe once a month. You can find a lot more info at http://www.tivocommunity.com . Whether you go sat. or stay with cable you’ll be extremely happy.

I should add that the monthly charge for the sat. box is $5 vs. $13 for a stand-alone. And the box itself is only $99.

TIVO ROCKS!!! I use it with digital cable too - TimeWarner. My new cable box has the serial port in the back so I don’t have to use the IR channel changer any more.

Best tip? Buy a refurb one through Tivo.com - you can get a 40 hour one for cheap, or if you are a TV junkie like me, the 80 hour one is awesome!

I love Tivo so much that I now have two of them!!! (E-mail me if you have any other questions about them and I will be happy to hook you up!)

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