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busy busy busy

Busy day... busy weekend... busy week!

Busy day... We celebrated Sarah’s birthday today (she turns 26 tomorrow.) That included some running around and then cooking and playing and chatting and yummyness. It was a great party and a fun afternoon with my siblings.

Busy weekend... Yesterday, we met with the mortgage guy my brother highly recommended and started the initial pre-approval to know how much of a house loan we would qualify for. He was really nice, and answered our newbie questions. Then we ate dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory and spent a few hours in Target looking for a present for Sarah.

Busy week... I survived through my first full week of work. And I worked hard! Its been so long since I’ve been an employee anywhere (I stopped working full time Spring of 2002 and worked part time through that summer). So its been a while since I’ve actually "felt" that its Friday because of how hard I worked. But it feels good and I love what I’m doing. Can’t beat that!

Between all that, I enjoyed new episodes of some TV shows, started playing Ratchet and Clank 2 again, read a few books, and caught up on some soaps. Cooked a few things here and there and spent a bit of time with E. Talked on the phone with Leonard and Sarah and Megan, and online with Brenna and Shelley . Its been a good busy week. smile And I’m looking forward to starting another one.

Leah may come for me to babysit her tomorrow for an hour or so while Leonard and Sarah go out to eat for S’s bday. I’m looking forward to that. She’s just so adorable; and her hair is growing now, and making these cute little waves that I can’t help but touch.


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Yeah for busy, happy weeks. luvya fishy

You’re buying a house too?! How cool is that? laughing

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