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I have always loved colors, particularly reading the names people give them. I don’t think I’m fabulous at doing so, but I love doing it too. So when CitrusMoon had a link to Colorspeak the other day, I was fascinated. Here were a bunch of people sharing what they called colors, with descriptions and flowy words to go with.

I’m sure I could do more, given the time and brain power! I know, none of my names are overly imaginative, but it sure was fun. flower

The colors I named:

cotton candy #ffccff - soft fluffy pink cotton candy, just like the clouds in a beautiful sunset. I can almost taste it looking at the color.

periwinkle #ccccff - not quite purple, not quite blue. just somewhere in between called periwinkle.

spring #99ff99 - Spring green, coordinating oh so well with a good pink. Think of little girls with dresses in this color with tulips on them.

ice #ccffff - Cool crisp icy color of the sky

typepad green #99cc66 - brenna wore a sweater this color because she said it was typepad green. now I won’t ever see the color without thinking of that. smile

girlie #ff99cc - The most girliest color in the crayon box. sweet dreams of barbie filled bedrooms and favorite church dresses.
spelled with an ie in honor of my favorite girlie smile

ruby #990033 - a color of red with just enough pink in it to actually enjoy using in a layout. regal and sexy. perfect ruby lips.

royal purple #660099 - the beautiful queen wearing her soft royal robe in purple.

midnight sky #000033 - Pinprick sized stars should start showing through the screen any moment, with this perfect midnight background.


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I’m a big fan of Ice smile

Man, I love colors. That ruby is making me want to make a layout with it. smile fishy

Colours just seem to come with numbers for me these days, oh and a few names too, but nothing exciting. I work with codes for HTML, etc and Pantone colours for print design at work.

Don’t mind me, I’m just a comment-spamming bitch invading your website for my own nefarious means!

now that was the most fun I had all day. blush

oo, that’s soo cool, hehehehe.. love the colours! It’s a script right? hehehe.. oo.. I’ve replied back to your email.. please reply back via email, thankq =)!! Hehehe.. Visiting everyday.. to see what’s newww!!!! =)!!!! exercisewink

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