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trip pictures

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures on my trip as I wanted to. I need to be more camera-happy! But here’s the ones I did take:

Six Apart Trip to San Mateo

Using TypePad makes it so much easier to put my photos together, so I went for that format this time instead of using Snap. Its so easy now that you can upload a zip file with your pictures in it; one file, and it makes all the thumbnails, and then the captioning. Its easy as PIE!

Actually, my favorite picture of me during the trip is the one that Brenna took with her phone-camera. smile


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Those pictures are great! You look really cute in that one of you at the hotel. Hottie! smile

That ceiling is way cool. I love how airports are so... individual. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Those were cool. You need to frame that one of you with the 6A sign. smile

(Brenna’s is way cute too. You look deliriously happy in the photo. hehe.)

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