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a dream come true

For about 2 1/2 years, my free time has been devoted to helping on the MT forums . It has been such an enjoyable activity to me that I expanded onto many of my websites with tutorials, tips, and examples of using Movable Type. As the forums got busier and the projects grew, I developed friendships and became more devoted to all of Six Apart’s ventures.

This last week, I spent several days at the Six Apart office in San Mateo, CA, where I met with Ben and Mena and the rest of the team to discuss my employment and projects they have in mind for me. Starting Wednesday, I’m an official employee, doing Off-site Technical Support, among other things. smile

I’m ecstatic. Literally to the point of bouncing. laughing Just ask E, I didn’t stop smiling for hours and hours after I got home! I’m gonna still be working with Brenna and Shelley, and meeting them was so much fun after all these years. I truly couldn’t have dreamed of a better job opportunity, doing things that I love enough to be volunteering until this point! And plus, I can still work at my desk at home, and rest between projects as needed. Perfect. smile Like Shelley said, its not just our blogs that are Powered by Movable Type now. smile

Thanks for all the well wishes and guessing while I was gone. I had a lot of fun reading the comments between meetings and work, and I’m blessed to have such a great group of friends who visit me here. prheart
pictures and recaps will follow.


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congrats, kristine! did ben and mena pick that room for the number? 6 * 6 = 36

Congratulations! Well deserved!blush

Congratulations! This is very well deserved and sounds like the perfect job for you.

Congratulations! I was wondering if you’d have this kind of news soon, and I’m glad to see that my hunch was correct. I’m so happy for you! It couldn’t happen to a nicer person, and it’s such an awesome fit for your talents.

Congratulations! *hug*

Mwah! kiss The best news ever - yay! I’m so excited for you and Shelley - congratulations!

Are they going to give you back pay??

I’m so happy for you, sweetheart !!!! ( Some might say it’s about time, but I would never say that out loud. Heh.)

wow, congrats! what an exciting job! and they couldn’t have hired a better person for it smile

Wow that’s a real nice thing to happen and well deserved smile

They couldn’t have picked a better person for the job! *hugs* I’m tickled for you.

congratulations, kristine! i’m -so- happy for you! no one deserves it more! laughing

Wow! Congratulations Kristine, that is fantastic! smile

Kristine! This really is a dream job for you. I am so happy for you. I can’t think of a more deserving person. Congratulations!

Congratulations! It’s always great to get a job that is so in-line with your interests. Good Luck! I’ll be watching here for updates.

Congratulations, Kristine! flower heart

congratulations! what exciting news. you so deserve this k, i am so happy for you. this is the best news of the weekend. wow! you must be on cloud nine. can’t wait to hear more! flowerfishyexerciseexercise

Wow... that’s exciting news. Congrats! smile

Wow. I am SO EXCITED for you! That is just the perfect job for you, and I am so, so glad you’ve got the opportunity! smile

Congratulations Kristine! Very happy for ya! laughing

Congratulations! That is fantastic and so well deserved, how great it is that you’ll be getting paid for something you love! Yay!! prheart

I am so excited for you, and, if I may say, proud of you! Here’s to your continuing success! candle

That ROCKS! I mean, really really really ROCKS!!! I’m bouncing in my seat happy for you - that’s SO WONDERFUL! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Wow, Kristine! What a great opportunity! It’s amazing to find such a great job that is right up your alley! They are lucky to have you. Best wishes with it!!! smile

Congratulations, sweetie. You deserve this so much! heart

Congrats! This is good to hear, as you have always been exceptionally helpful to me when I have had questions on the support forums. Good luck.

Congratulations Kristine!! I couldn’t think of a more perfect career fit! I’m so happy for you girl!!! laughing heart

Seems as though everyone is defaulting to the use of one word in these comments - CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!
You were the first to hellp me when I smoked my MT template, and thereafter was frequent and always on-the-money help from you.
Hope this is everything you want it to be. Congrats also to Ben and Mena for making such a wise decision.

Congratulations, Kristine!! I am so happy for you and Shelley smile (and so jealous wink )

Congratulations, Kristine! What a dream job, and it couldn’t of gone to anyone more deserving! : )

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