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friday five on wednesday

I saw that R had done the Friday Five this week while catching up on my blog reads tonight, and it was such a fun one that I had to do it even though I’m late.

If you...

  • ...owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve? Good old fashion comfort food like a diner would. Mashed potatoes and gravy, roast beef sandwiches, turkey with cranberry sauce on the side. Yum.

  • ...owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell? When I was working with my secretary and friend Annette, we decided that it would be really cool (if we had a lot of extra money to devote to it) to open a little restaurant with mostly goodies and an area for books and craft sales. There’s one that we went to often, but I liked her idea more. With comfy couches and a nice neat counter with brownies and cookies in it, and hot cocoa. I’d make cards and other fun paper products; on my computer and by hand.

  • ...wrote a book, what genre would it be? Probably historical romance. I have a lot of those storys floating around in my head and dreams. smile But more likely, it would be a technical book like "how to use Movable Type for managing every part of your life" or "CSS designs don’t have to be boring" laughing

  • ...ran a school, what would you teach? Computer classes, of course. My senior year of college, I was in a class called Training and Development, where we planned training sessions for others. I was in charge of the first half of the classes project, where we planned a class introducing Microsoft Access for the local private high school, and then actually went in for 6 periods and taught it. We had to come up with a project easy enough to do in the time alotted and make handouts, as well as being competent enough to actually do the assignment. It was a lot of work, but oh so rewarding to me.

  • ...recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it? Contemporary Christian. That’s what I’ve been singing all my life; first just in hymns as a kid in worships and church, and then in High School, I was part of the Choir (100 students), Chorale (30+ members) and Encore (8 members). Singing in college wasn’t quite as much of a priority, but it is one of the more important things in my life. If I could, I’d do songs with my sister Megan... her voice is actually a bit lower than mine, even though I’m a low alto, but I know we would blend well together on songs that were at the right key.


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Maybe your MT book would come out before the one that suposedly is being released soon. blush I’d buy yours over hers anyday. cherries

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